UA Local 350 Death Benefits Fund

The beneficiary will need to turn in the following to the UA Local 350 in order to receive the UA Local 350 and the United Association benefits:

  1. One Original Death Certificate
  2. A copy of the funeral expense (with the name of the person who paid for it on it)
  3. Social Security Number of the person responsible for the funeral expenses.

The UA Local 350 death benefit is based on total membership of U.A. Local 350.  Effective 8/1/2019, the benefit will be $10.00 for each current member of Local 350 (example: 700 members = $7,000.00).  For eligibility please refer to UA Local 350 bylaws article 17.

The United Association benefit is $2,500.00. To be eligible the member must have been in good standing with the UA for at least six (6) continuous months at the time of their death.

The beneficiary will need to contact the National Pension Fund regarding the national pension benefits. The phone number is 1-800-638-7442 or l-703-739-9020. The national pension will need an original death certificate.

The beneficiary will need to contact the UA Local 350 Trust Fund if the deceased member had not already withdrew the pension annuity. The beneficiary will also want to inquire about any possible life insurance. The Trust Fund phone number is (775) 826-7200. If eligible for either of these the trust fund will need an original death certificate.