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For over a century the United Association has been training the most highly qualified work force in the nation and Canada. No other organization hold themselves to the "Standard of Excellence" as the UA. Local Union 350 has been a Chartered part of this training for over 100 years and recognizes the dedication and achievement of the local labor movement in the Reno Tahoe and outlying areas. Our jurisdiction covers a vast majority of Nevada, from the Oregon Idaho border to the North, South to Tonopah, to the Tahoe Basin to the West, and to the Utah border to the East. Today we proudly carry on the accomplishments of our forefathers to build a stronger union brotherhood. Local Union 350 is over 600 members strong with over 150 apprentices in our JATC program. The work outlook for our jurisdiction is looking the best we have seen in decades and this will provide good paying jobs to continue building our Local even more. We will have the opportunity to continue to provide for not only our Local but our family friends and those in need in our community. Our outreach has never been so strong and the programs we are building and the relationships with organizations in need is outstanding, we have been able to provide more generously and volunteer more than ever. All this could not be done without the help and sacrifice of the membership we have become. The work outlook and the projects in our area have exceeded all historical levels for our Local, Northern Nevada will continue to grow as will our Membership and there is no end in sight. We are very fortunate in these times and we will continue to pass down our good fortune to those of honorable toil. We work for a common goal to better the standard of life for our membership and families and labor is our means of this accomplishment.

Unions began in the 20th century for Nevada by skilled craftsmen and Industrial workers Nevada was the first in the west to form a Labor union. Local 350 was granted a charter on October 13, 1906 by the United Association of journeymen. It is by the members that the standard of craftsmanship will be raised in the Reno Tahoe Local areas, for many years to come through training and the Journeymen to apprentice skilled trades being passed down through the generations.

Our local has much diversified contractor labor relations with our work outlook and as it should be it will be and is constantly challenged by Contractor Labor relationships. Through history Labor unions have forged strong ties with our signatory contractors. We have a solid partnership with our local contractors and others coming into our area and this is a great portion of our success. Some of the relationships with these contractors have been some of the longest lasting in the great state of Nevada. As our Local grows so will these relationships and both will bring prosperity to our local and its members. That said Local 350 Plumbers and Pipefitters and HVAC techs have been responsible for building, installing, and maintaining all aspects of piping systems in the industry that occupy our Local 350 jurisdictions.

An opportunity into this Membership can be one of the best and most important decisions you can ever make so please take the time to ask yourself if you have the same lasting beliefs and morals as have been described here, if so you to can become a member of Local 350 Reno Nevada and grow and prosper with us. Good Luck.


Journeymen Training News

Med Gas & State Plumbing License Renewal Information - (9/18/2013)

Medical Gas installer renewals:

After July 1, 2012 all med-gas installer renewals have needed to be taken at a proctored site. The 2012 edition of NFPA 99 has been released so there will no longer be the automatic renewals of the 2005 edition that have been going on for the last several years. We have updated everyone whose card was to expire in 2012. Anyone whose card renews after December 31st, 2012 will have to take this written, proctored test after a mandatory 4 hour review class to continue their certification. There will be a one year grace period for this to happen, however, keep in mind that if you are not current to the edition code that you are installing or if a particular job requires you to be updated to the new edition, or your certification date has expired, you will not be allowed to work on those jobs. The first two classes were very successful and a sign-up list is being kept for anyone wishing to take the next class. I will be scheduling more classes later in 2013 so there will be other opportunities to get this continuity but not many. This is an

ANSI/NITC requirement that has been passed on to all locals and certifying agencies.

State license renewals:

 Your Nevada Board of Plumbing Examiners (NBOPE) licenses must be renewed before they become due in 2013 by attaining 8 trade related continuing education credits (CE’s) or by taking a written test through NITC. The cost for either option is $30.00 and will renew your license for a period of 3 years. The Local 350 JATC is an authorized training center to offer these CE’s and we will be giving classes to not only meet the training requirement but also to keep our members up to date with all the changes that are in the 2012 code edition while also providing some information on local code amendments. Information on classes will be posted at the main hall, training center, on the website at:, in future newsletters, and during monthly union meetings.

For those who are unable to attend the classes, you may take the online re-certification test through NITC ( by calling 1-877-457-6482 and asking for Arcelia or Diana who will give you a PIN and Password to log onto their test-trac and register to take the 25 question test online from your home. (You will need to pay the $30.00 test fee by credit card at this time.) Currently this on line test is to the 2006 edition of the UPC Code which will change soon.  Check here for any updates on which edition the test is updated to.

For those who are receiving expiration notifications in the mail that contain Testrac ID and PIN numbers and try to access their accounts, if no test is available when entered, call Arcelia or Diana at the number above Monday - Friday 6:30-4:30.  If taking the test outside these hours or on weekends and you encounter any problems, you may call Diana at 1-909-518-8076 and she can help you get access.

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