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Local 350 Plumbers, Pipefitters, Welders and HVAC Technicians install maintain and service all aspects of piping conveyed materials in all aspects of construction. From Industrial application of new power plant construction and retrofit to commercial light construction and residential remodel. Plumbers, Pipefitters Welders and HVAC techs can provide service maintenance and new construction on any size project anywhere from the Oregon Idaho border to the North, West to the Tahoe Basin, East to the Utah border and South to Tonopah. We can provide services on multiple piping systems, heating and cooling, domestic water, steam piping, natural gas systems, petroleum products, waste, vacuum systems and food process just to name a few. All states of matter and substances are conveyed through plumbing and piping systems, air liquid or gases in new construction or retrofitted systems. Plumbers and pipefitters welders and HVAC technicians build many different types of facilities from power generation facilities to hospitals, schools, and commercial buildings. Plumbers pipefitters welders and HVAC techs use a broad spectrum of materials in construction materials such as Carbon steel and copper, stainless steel and welders can use many piping materials also lnconel, chromium, and titanium and many other alloys to name a few. Plumbers can use many as well, copper, cast iron, polypropylene stainless tubing, fiberglass. Plumber, Pipefitter, welder and HVAC tech certifications can be achieved through training both on the job and in schooling at the training center.

There are two different programs to choose from depending on your experience and or choice, both have different criteria to meet and time to complete. The Plumbers and Pipefitter program is a five-year program and the HVAC program is four years to complete. Both have different wage packages and are based on different fringe benefits packages as well. Plumbers and Pipefitter Apprentice wages begin between 16$-29 by% of journey wage to start and the Plumber and pipefitter journeymen wage is $53.80 total package. HVAC service technician apprentice wages are based on% of journeymen total package and the journeymen level HVAC is $50.49. Additional fringe benefits are included in the total wage packages upon completion of the program and will increase the total wages depending on the program listings. Some of these fringe benefits are medical, dental, vision, and prescription medicines. A pension plan and annuities are also included to a scale depending on the program. Currently we have a defined benefit pension account, annuity and an optional 401k program.

Applications are taken year-round at the Plumbers and pipefitters JATC office.

•    All applicants must be 17 years or older
•    Provide valid Driver's License
•    Provide Birth Certificate or passport
•    Provide Social Security card
•    Provide High School Diploma or equivalent
•    Provide High School Grade Transcript
•    Provide Military transfer or Discharge DD-214 (when applicable)
•    Must have reliable transportation to and from work sites and school instruction (JATC).
•    Applicants must be physically capable of performing the essential functions or the apprenticeship program with or without a reasonable accommodation, and without posing a direct threat of health and safety to the individual or others.
•    Apprentice must be able to pass a drug test once accepted into the program.
•    The program offers equal opportunity to all people regardless of race, color, age, gender, religion, nationality or sexual orientation.
•    Written basic math test and interview are part of the program application process.
•    Once the application is completed applicants will be notified of the date and time of interview.
•    Interviews are usually held in the spring and fall or as needed.
•    The interview committee is comprised of contractor representation and Labor representatives.
•    If a completed application is accepted an apprentice is entered into the eligibility pool, his or her application is held for two years. Work begins soon after an apprentice is indentured.
•    Day school will be attended for the first two years of the apprenticeship.
•    Classroom instruction runs Late July through May two nights a week three hour a night for 3-5 years.
•    Plumbers and Pipefitter apprentice will complete an average of 246 hours per year and HVAC tech will complete 144 hours per year.
•    There is no cost for the school program, however book fees will incur.

For more information contact:
1150 Greg St., Sparks, NV 89431
Phone:  775-359-2229
Fax:  775-359-3485
Email:  amaldonado@ualocal350.org