Medical Gas installer renewals:

After July 1, 2012 all med-gas installer renewals have needed to be taken at a proctored site. The 2018 edition of NFPA 99 has been released and is the current accepted version.  Anyone whose card is nearing expiration or has already expired will have to take a written, proctored test after a mandatory 4-hour minimum review class to continue their certification.  There will be a one-year grace period for this to happen, however, keep in mind that if you are not current to the edition code that you are installing or if a particular job requires you to be updated to the new edition, or your certification date has expired, you do not qualify to be allowed to work on those projects.  Please call the Training Center to get on the list so we may schedule classes as needed.  This is an ANSI/NITC requirement that has been passed on to all locals and certifying agencies.

State license renewals:

Your Nevada Board of Plumbing Examiners (NBOPE) licenses must be renewed before their expiration by attaining 8 trade related continuing education credits (CE’s) or by taking a written test through NITC. The cost for either option is $30.00 and the cost of the online test option is $40.00.  Either option will renew your license for a period of 3 years. The Local 350 JATC is an authorized training center to offer these CEU classes and we will give classes to not only meet the training requirement but also to keep our members up to date with all the changes that are in the 2018 code edition while also providing information on all the local adopted code amendments.

Journeyman/Plumber Recertification Notice and Instructions
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